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Leadership Innovation™

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See also Leadership Breakthrough™ for a general discussion on our approach to skiing and leadership development.


Leadership Innovation™ prepares leaders to think differently about the complexity their organizations will face in the future. A 2010 study by IBM indicated that 79% of CEOs surveyed expect to experience a high or very high level of complexity over the next five years, a 32% increase over their current status. When asked if they were prepared to handle this, only 49% felt prepared – a 30% complexity gap. They deemed creativity, integrity and global thinking as the most important leadership qualities needed to prepare effective organizational responses to this need. They also said that while creative leaders are key, 70% of the CEOs admitted they were not effective in developing them.

Our definition of Innovation is: Implementing something new that adds value or quantifiable gain, which requires many skill sets, usually a team. It depends on the work environment in the areas of organizational motivation, resources and management practices. The impact of the work environment on organizational performance includes how individuals decide what work to do, how challenging it is, whether the environment supports innovation, organizational impediments and resource use under pressure. This real world dilemma, this paradox of executing in the present and strategically for the future call upon the mind set and the skill set of the effective leader. The fundamental differences between management of processes and the leading of people become crucial in working both fronts of the here-and-now and of the long-term/strategic, often at the same time. As the famous social commentator, Charles Handy, indicates in The Age of Paradox: “We as leaders need to be able to facilitate in-depth exploration of paradox. We can and should help our people take a disciplined pursuit of the truth and opportunity behind our key organizational paradoxes.”

Leadership Innovation™ helps leaders understand and unlock innovation and creativity.  Our program challenges leaders to push beyond their own assumptions and boundaries for the possibility of creating value in their organizations back home. During this program we will explore:

  • What is innovation in the context of organization strategy and in leading innovation/innovative processes
  • The differences between business thinking, innovative thinking, creative thinking, creativity and innovation
  • Use of the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Profile for understanding personal leadership preferences
  • Frameworks for unlocking organizational innovation in products, processes, systems, and people, and for creating a culture of innovation back home
  • Use and learn group idea techniques of the innovation toolkit for use back home
  • Group activities for sponsoring and growing innovation/innovation mindsets

Learning Outcomes

Participants will explore their individual leadership, problem solving, and facilitation skills in order to:

  • Identify the different types of innovation and what innovation looks like at different levels of the organization
  • Improve your ability to frame and reframe problems
  • Apply generation techniques to increase idea production
  • Identify where ideas fit on the range from evolutionary to revolutionary, and the importance of both
  • Use experiential techniques to improve your ability to evaluate ideas
  • Identity blocks and barriers to innovation in organizations

Note also that custom programs can be modified to suit the client’s needs.

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