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Leadership High Performing Teams™ 

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  • See also Leadership Breakthrough for a general discussion on our approach to skiing and leadership development.


Leadership High Performing Teams™ is our multi-day experiential program designed to enhance the effectiveness of working in groups. The typical participant is a current team member, whether in a functional group or one who expected to be influencing across the broader concept of “team.” The focus areas are around self-awareness, interpersonal and group dynamics, diagnosis of effective group processes, and team learning. As with our other programs we do this through an integrated mix of assessments, classroom sessions, outdoor experiential learning, and follow-on executive coaching.

We know how to set up teams for success, whether it’s a new functional team or enhancing the effectiveness of intact, existing teams. During this program we will explore:

  • Your personal and interpersonal styles and those of others
  • Creating and refocusing teams for high performance
  • Team diagnosis
  • Trust and conflict
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Team problem solving and issue exploration
  • Decision making
  • Team learning

Note that for many levels of leadership development we stress self-awareness as a key leadership competency. This is especially true with working in teams. The ability to execute consistently in clear and effective ways is critical in positively influencing the collective work of the team. 

One of the real, tangible outcomes of this program is the experience in using the team toolkit around the team leadership challenges you need to explore and implement back in the office. Following the guideline of all of our programs, we ensure that what you experience will be practical, relevant, and immediately useful to you and your team.

Typical Class Schedule

Day One Classroom: 3 – 6pm Group Dinner to follow
On The Snow In The Classroom
Day Two 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm
Day Three 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm
Day Four 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm

First Tracks Every Day gets us out on the snow into private territory when conditions are usually best before anyone else. The on-snow class terminates at 1:00pm and we’ll get cleaned up and have a group lunch at 1:30, then begin the classroom portion at 2:00pm.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will explore their individual leadership and team facilitation skills in order to:

  • Gain deeper insight into how high performing teams work (and how to evaluate your team back home)
  • Diagnose and enhance team dynamics for effective team functioning
  • Use frameworks and the team toolkit for creating shared understanding and alignment
  • Implement team problem solving techniques and corrective strategies
  • Understand and guide team learning through reflective and interventional processes

Program Includes

The key features of this program include:

  • Pre-program preparation and team leadership challenge identification
  • Personal psychometric assessments and interpretation
  • Program exercises, materials, team toolkit, pre-readings, discussions and all classroom sessions
  • Three days of small group ski instruction with a PSIA Alpine certified instructor
  • Two follow-on individual executive coaching sessions with your certified executive coach (additional sessions and customized coaching are available)

We will send you the full program outline with your registration.

Routine Preparation

We want to create the most effective setting for your development through the following activities before you arrive for the program. We will ask you to complete the following and will send details for each with your program registration:

  • Participant background information
  • Pre-program assessments, full spectrum individual and interpersonal personality assessments
  • Conversations with your boss and with your team (we provide you with the questions/framework)
  • Preparatory reading and notes on your team leadership challenges
  • A supple body. Prepare yourself for skiing.

Bring With You

We will send you complete background information about the program with your registration. In brief you will want to bring with you:

  • Your copies of pre-program materials and any notes you’ve taken (some you will email to us; assessments will be sent directly to us from our internet assessment portal)
  • Your notes from your conversations with your boss and with your team
  • Full ski gear and clothing for three days on the snow. Remember layering as ski country can be cold. Rental gear and clothing are available at local sports shops as well as anything you might want to purchase. If you don’t already wear a helmet, we ecourage you to start. Personal items such as sunscreen and lip balm.
  • Casual clothing for all classroom and evening events. Winter boots are not required.

How to Book