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Leadership Decision Making and Influence™

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  • See also Leadership Breakthrough™ for a general discussion on our approach to skiing and leadership development.


Leadership Decision Making and Influence™ is aimed at the development of improved decision making and influencing skills. Few would disagree that these competencies are critical to the success of leaders at all levels. Developing adaptive leaders is the underlying theme for this program and we employ a particular series of assessments, including predictive assessments, which help leaders learn how to blend technical and mental skills to enhance their professional effectiveness. Our approach to these issues is especially suited to experiential learning and giving participants the opportunity to think and act out of the frameworks we discuss. Standing at the top of a ski run, discerning attention from the broad to the narrow, choosing and executing technique are perfect parallels to what it takes to choose and lead in a variety of day to day business settings.

While we say that this program is suited to leaders at all levels, high-functioning, experienced leaders will likely be able to make the strongest connections with the challenges of attention and execution. The focus areas are around mental toughness, adaptation, and execution. As with our other programs we do this through an integrated mix of assessments, classroom sessions, outdoor experiential learning, and follow-on executive coaching.

This program is around executing outcomes and the strength and focus it takes to deliver them. We draw from multiple sources but especially from some of the exact same processes used in training Olympic athletes and elite military teams. During this program we will explore:

  • Concentration, performance theory and execution
  • Behavioral control and the neuroscience of leadership
  • Confidence
  • Decisiveness and decision style
  • Energy management
  • Influence and influencing style
  • Focus over time
  • Performance under pressure

Learning Outcomes

Participants will explore their individual leadership, decision making and influencing skills in order to:

  • Understand your concentration, decision making and influence styles, and those of others
  • Explore your adaptability/flexibility and refine adaptive responses
  • Practice behavioral controls to improve how you think and behave
  • Use decision frameworks and understand common flaws/traps
  • Implement group problem solving techniques and corrective strategies

Note also that custom programs can be modified to suit the client’s needs.

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