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Leadership Breakthrough™

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Leadership Breakthrough™ is our flagship leadership development program for the individual leader. We call it our flagship program because it includes most of the elements where practicing leaders – no matter what their experience or organizational level – tend to struggle. Its focus areas are around self-awareness, developing the capacity for thinking, making choices, planning and executing further development. We do this through an integrated mix of assessments, classroom sessions, outdoor experiential learning, and follow-on executive coaching.

We describe the more traditional leadership development aspects of our programs in various places around our website, so we’ll focus on the skiing portion here. Why skiing? As we indicate in our opening video, the attentional and concentration skills you need to ski well are very similar to those you need to manage yourself and others well. To be able to hold your own desires in control or to muster the courage when needed as you simultaneously consider how best to influence others in a given moment; that is intelligent leadership. Turning it around, it is also an apt metaphor for great skiing.

A leadership and skiing program? Yes and Yes.

On the snow you will:

  1. Make mindful choices about where you want to go and where you want your skis to go
  2. Go where your skis go (even if you didn’t intend it  – and learn how to re-center and correct)
  3. Discern when to increase or retract pressure, increase or decrease edge angle
  4. Experience the dynamic balance it takes to ski well
  5. Make great turns, maybe ski deep powder, smile a lot

Translating these lessons back to the office you will be better at:

  1. Discerning how to respond in a team discussion and challenging the group around outcomes
  2. Using pause and discernment and then reengaging intentionally and effectively
  3. Deciding on key issues and setting expectations clearly
  4. Living with the tensions pulling you in many directions while maintaining the bigger picture
  5. Well, probably not float down a mountainside, wear a deep snow mustache, or whoop it up at work. Sorry.

Day One begins in the mid-afternoon where we meet each other, talk about the program and leadership, get your 360 assessment results and dig into it a bit, then get our skis tuned and have a group dinner. We normally get you on the snow first thing each day during Days Two, Three and Four in small groups of similar skiers, and the focus will be on you and what you need to get better. We’ll talk about skiing, we’ll ski, we’ll talk about work and life, and we’ll ski. And we’ll execute ski drills that will absolutely make you a better skier, and we’ll talk about the concentration and adaptation skills it takes at work to execute consistently back on the job (actually, you’ll be on the job during this program as you sharpen your leadership skills; enjoyable as this may be, it will be work). We may use video analysis if that’s what you need. You’ll have chair lift conversations around the leadership theme of the day and we’ll meet as a group during morning break as a midpoint check-in. After skiing we’ll get cleaned up back at the hotel and meet for a private group lunch. In the classroom we go deeper into the whys and hows of your professional performance. You’ll work by yourself and in teams in applied conversations about work back home. And you will leave with your own plan and support system to be a better leader when you leave.

Why didn’t someone think of this before?

Typical Class Schedule

Day One Classroom: 3 – 6pm Group Dinner to follow
On The Snow In The Classroom
Day Two 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm
Day Three 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm
Day Four 8am – 1pm 2 – 6pm

First Tracks Every Day gets us out on the snow into private territory when conditions are usually best. Your small group will spend approximately five hours on the snow with some of the best ski instructors and PSIA examiners in the world, hand picked and oriented to your LOTM leadership themes and content. Each day on the snow will build on the theme of the day in the classroom and will include not only personalized ski instruction, but also interactive discussions (on the lift, on the slopes, at breaks) to help make the connections between managing oneself as a leader and managing oneself executing on the mountain. Each group will venture into skill-appropriate territory using a mix of groomed and open runs, trees, steeps and bumps. If you’re able and want to venture into the double black territory, we’ll review your short turns and then lead the way.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will explore their individual leadership skills and personal preferences in order to:

  • Gain deeper insight into supportive strengths and critical areas for development
  • Identify challenges earlier and devise strategies toward effective implementation
  • Practice and evaluate options for creating shared understanding in the changing environment
  • Increase their ability to create better alignment between their intentions and the impact they make on people


Program Includes

The key features of this program include:

  • Pre-program preparation and initial key leadership challenge identification
  • Leadership On The Mountain 360™ multi-rater leadership skills and competencies assessment
  • Personal psychometric assessments and interpretation
  • Program exercises, materials, pre-readings, discussions and all classroom sessions
  • Three days of small group ski instruction with a PSIA Alpine certified instructor
  • Two follow-on individual executive coaching sessions with your certified executive coach (additional sessions and customized coaching are available)

Routine Preparation

We want to create the most effective setting for your development through the following activities before you arrive for the program. We will ask you to complete the following and will send details for each with your program registration:

  • Participant background information
  • Pre-program assessments including the Leadership On The Mountain 360™ multi-rater leadership skills and competencies assessment, full spectrum individual and interpersonal personality assessments
  • Conversation with your boss (we provide you with the questions/framework)
  • Preparatory reading and notes on your key leadership challenges
  • A supple body. Prepare yourself for skiing.


Bring With You

We will send you complete background information about the program with your registration. In brief you will want to bring with you:

  • Your copies of pre-program materials and any notes you’ve taken (some you will email to us; assessments will be sent directly to us from our internet assessment portal)
  • Your notes from your conversation with your boss
  • Full ski gear and clothing for three days on the snow. Remember layering as ski country can be cold. Rental gear and clothing are available at local sports shops as well as anything you might want to purchase. If you don’t already wear a helmet, we encourage you to start. Personal items such as sunscreen and lip balm.
  • Casual clothing for all classroom and evening events. Winter boots are not required.

How to Book