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Experiential Leadership Programs

You’re here because you lead people, functions, and business processes. We train business people to lead themselves, to lead others and to lead organizations.

We believe that sustained personal performance is the result of cycles of deepening self-awareness and adaptive mental agility guided by structured development involving your real business issues and challenges. It doesn’t happen all by itself, and perfect practice makes perfect.

We do two things in our leadership programs:

  1. We help you grow and use a bigger brain – to expand your scope of consideration to be more mindful and deliberate of the choices you make in the moment
  2. We support you once you get back home to make it happen

To these ends, our leadership training programs are intelligent: They are practical, relevant and immediately useful as they address your professional development needs.

Leadership and skiing – designed by certified leadership trainers, executive coaches, and PSIA Alpine Certified ski instructors using cutting edge teaching methodologies, our methods push you to explore, identify, and chart your way forward no matter what your stage of career or professional challenge. Please visit our program pages for details. See comments below on program design for human resource professionals.

Current Winter Season Calendar

We do not offer open-enrollment (public sign-up) training events. All of our leadership programs are custom-designed, normally for intact teams or organizations. We do offer individual coaching/training (see our Custom – We Meet You™ page) and we can sometimes match you up with other groups, so please contact us to see how we might help you in your leadership journey.

Call Today!  Our calendars fill quickly with leadership work on and off the snow

How to Book

The following core programs address the competencies and experiences that most clients have sought in immersive leadership programs.

Leadership Breakthrough

Leadership High Performing Teams

Leadership Decision Making and Influence

Leadership Innovation

Brief Comments on Program Design for Human Resource Professionals

Leadership On The Mountain™ is an executive education and professional leadership development continuing education program. Our learning design was born in 2008 during a custom ski lesson between leadership trainer and coach, Dr. Christopher Evans, and longtime Steamboat ski instructor and PSIA member, Jeff Peterka. Inspired by Jeff’s deep dedication to improve skiing for his students, the parallels between Chris’s leadership development, executive leadership coaching and skiing connections were made. Subsequently Chris also became a PSIA Alpine certified ski instructor, which further cemented the bond between learning and performance, on and off the snow. Chris has also studied ski training systems from the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance (CSIA) as well as ski education systems from Austria, Switzerland, France and Australia through connection with Interski, the international alliance of ski and snowsports teaching systems. All this means we bring a well-developed and effective toolkit of both skiing and leadership training to your professional development needs.

Leadership On The Mountain™ is a comprehensive leadership development program for professionals seeking to enhance their effectiveness in leading, communicating, and influencing. We use an innovative experiential learning environment where we create settings in which participants can experience the challenges we discuss and embed them deeply as they work. Skiing happens to be one exceptionally good means for leaders to experience attentional focus and discipline in execution that parallel the challenges high performing leaders deal with each day. Our blend of assessments, classroom intensive sessions, guided development on snow, and program follow-through make for a learning experience that creates results precisely where the participant wants them.

All of our Leadership On The Mountain™ faculty members are 4MAT design certified and our in-class and on-the-snow learning modules attend to individual learning dynamics profiles. In fact, all participants complete the 4MAT Learning Type Measure prior to attending, so both classroom and on-snow faculty gain initial insights on how participants best notice and process information before the programs begin.

Each program contains some pre-work and a variety of psychometric and skills & competencies assessments based on the learning objectives of the program. Some will use our Leadership On The Mountain 360™ for multi-rater feedback and all will use a mix of personality and preference based instruments and tools. Most of our assessments require certification for use and each faculty member is fully qualified, certified (or are Master Trainers) to administer, deliver, and provide feedback for each instrument used. All programs feature participant-specific goal identification and planning and are supported with individual follow-on executive coaching sessions by certified executive coaches. Our 3.5 day programs are designated as 30 hours continuing professional education units over four days, excluding follow-on executive coaching sessions.

Program Locations – Your Choice (we come to you)

Our home base is Steamboat Ski and Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA but we can serve clients just about anywhere that suits them.

Steamboat is an international destination resort, officially known as Ski Town USA™ and the birthplace of the amazing Champagne Powder® snow. Sourcing its winter goodness from the great northwest of the United States and due to its location near the Continental Divide, Steamboat receives incredibly dry powder that no other major Colorado resort can claim. Furthermore, with a base altitude of only 6,900 feet, it accommodates low altitude visitors more readily than many western US ski areas.  We have crafted a collegial partnership with the Steamboat SnowSports School that has worked well for us. We often design our programs to get on the snow early – First Tracks Every Day – a proven formula to access nearly private terrain for untracked snow that most skiers love. We will, of course, coordinate your ski program to work around your schedule and accommodate non-skiers with valuable development activities while the rest of the group is on the snow.

All-Inclusive Program Fees

We can work with you to create the administrative logistics that work for you, from all-inclusive including hotel, lift tickets, on-snow and in-class instruction, assessment administration & interpretation, program materials, and follow-on individual executive coaching sessions.

Skier Ability Levels

We advise that integrated skiing and leadership programs have small groups of skiers who are mostly evenly matched. Intermediate or advanced level skiers (described below) tend to be “the sweet spot” for maximizing enjoyment and leadership work on the slopes. Depending on your group’s needs we can design and accommodate lower level skiers as well.

  •  Intermediate
    • LEVEL 5 – You are confident on green and easy blue runs. You ski mostly parallel but may wedge or step to start the turns.
    • LEVEL 6 – You use a parallel stance on smooth blue runs and are testing your skills on more varied terrain and snow conditions.
  • Advanced
    • LEVEL 7 – You ski with controlled parallel turns, maintaining rhythm and speed control on groomed black runs and are learning to apply your technique on a wider variety of terrain and snow conditions.
    • LEVEL 8- You ski with good technique on all terrain and snow conditions, using carved short radius turns.