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Our Faculty

Our background

To describe our faculty begins with our united intention on how each participant benefits from our programs. We are here to help you get to the next level in your professional effectiveness.

We were drawn to this work first by our love to serve, to journey, and by our love of learning. Each of us has worked independently or with U.S. and global firms as a senior faculty member/executive coach working with leaders to bring about lasting change. In this part of our lives we’ve trained and coached executives and product teams across the world. We have guided learning in a room full of U.S. Army general officers, in teams with top secret government clearance, and with diplomats and statesmen. All over, in many professions and walks of life. If you’ll pardon our familiarity, we work with a lot of really cool people on really interesting challenges. Our curiosity in how professionals create shared direction and foster organizational alignment has led us in partnership together for many years. We are experts in human learning and performance and we are expert teachers and thought partners. We have been fortunate to learn from and have helped hundreds of leaders across the globe gain clarity around their challenges and improve their impact on others and in their organizations.

Most of us come from corporate and executive backgrounds and senior military roles and all of us are authors and researchers. We each have strong psychometric or clinical training. Not only have we personally experienced many of the challenges faced by our program participants as executives ourselves, we also walk alongside leaders who face these challenges each day. We live, breathe and model personal and organizational effectiveness, and we’ve created Leadership On The Mountain™ together as a faculty team. While we have designed and delivered hundreds of leadership solutions training programs and thousands of individual executive coaching sessions over the last 25 years, few have engaged us so fully as the integrative designs around Leadership On The Mountain™. Over two hundred years of combined experience brought to you.

What’s different about us and why should that be important to you?

Probably the two words are: Results and Relevance. None of us, including you, can be effective without results. Most of our participants are already accomplished leaders and managers. Our job, to borrow from the famed photographer, DeWitt Jones, is to help you get into the place of greatest potential. From there, to co-create with you clear next steps, and provide follow-on support so you will make progress where it matters to you. If we cannot do that it simply doesn’t work for either of us in the long run. And after decades of work with leaders, we know how to do just that.

You’ll provide background information about yourself and your work challenges and we’ll ask you to do some preparatory reading and make some notes. We encourage you to speak with your boss and take notes before you arrive. We assess aspects of your personality and thinking patterns and sometimes have you and others assess your skills in leading and managing. We meet at our program; orient you, and get to work. We ski alongside our  ski instructors daily to review content. We think together and alone. We reach out, enlarge your mind, loosen your body, and you think about navigating your life on the snow and back home. You talk, work, listen to us and other participants, consider, flex, implement, write, create, and experience a new sense of attention, concentration, and balance. And you plan out your next key steps before you leave. When you return home, you and your personal coach discuss the best ways for you to move forward.

It’s a straightforward model we’ve used with great success.

Dr. Christopher Evans

ChrisLeadership trainer, executive coach and management consultant, Chris is the creator of Leadership On The Mountain™. His operations career spans over 30 years of financial and management experience across several industries. As a healthcare operations and finance executive, Chris worked in health systems and medical school management before creating his own advisory company. His day to day work in management consulting, investment banking, corporate finance and business strategy brings real life lessons to his learning environments.

Trained as an applied management scientist specializing in strategic operations and finance, Chris works in individual and systems decision-making spanning executive and team coaching, governing boards, and leadership facilitation across a wide variety of client engagements. Truly a people person, Chris brings solid experience in the field and current organizational thinking for how people can create outstanding performance outcomes. A prolific author of five books and workbooks, educator, and coach to senior and mid-level executives, he helps leaders at all levels gain clarity and focus around key challenges to make lasting impact. His current book project is on practical goal setting.

His sports background includes elite amateur status as a college hockey player, team-sponsored bicycle racer, black belt instructor of Tae Kwon Do, and nearly 30 years as an ice hockey official including NCAA and semi-pro leagues. Chris is an avid skier and PSIA Alpine certified ski instructor. Visit his website and leadership blog at www.christopherevans.org.

Peter Hazelrigg

PeterPeter has served as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, an ordained Presbyterian minister, and a Board Certified Coach (BCC). He enjoys the variety and stimulation of multiple professional roles and the perspective that each offers. His leadership clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds including educational, corporate, government, non-profit and religious organizations. His particular area of interest is in developing leadership capacity in non-profit and community-based organizations. In addition, he has consistent involvement in the for-profit corporate settings including media and technology, manufacturing and health care. Peter’s approach to leadership development includes an emphasis on self-awareness, interpersonal and communication skills and conflict management.

His focus with coaching teams places an emphasis on understanding organizational systems. He also has extensive experience in the field of experiential education and leadership development having worked for the North Carolina Outward Bound School and other wilderness and experiential based training companies in North Carolina and Colorado.

Dr. Glenn Newsom

GlenFor his entire career, Glenn has been interested in the personal growth and development of individuals. Informed by his work as a psychologist/couselor, he has been working as an executive coach and consultant since 2000. Glenn has worked with hundreds of professionals from large and small organizations and believes strongly in the power of focused and intentional personal and professional development. He particularly excels in helping individuals become more effective within their work environments. Glenn’s coaching work specializes in assisting senior executives, mid-career professionals, and high potential individuals who are striving to take their skills to the next level. He understands the multiple challenges and roles required of modern professionals and how developing an individual’s skills and competencies can provide positive impact for organizations. His coaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, positive relationships, and team development for success. His background as a psychologist/counselor, his understanding of organizational systems, and his past coaching relationships continue to inform his action-oriented, person-centered approach.

Glenn’s coaching work has occurred across a myriad of industries including for-profit, non-profit and educational organizations. Consistent work within the government, military, healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance and manufacturing arenas have defined the majority of Glenn’s coaching and consulting experiences over the last decade. Recently, opportunities to work with smaller companies and educational organizations have been exciting and informative additions to his coaching portfolio.

Rob Kramer

Kramer headshot croppedEmerging from a background in experiential and outdoor education, since 1998 Rob Kramer has provided executive coaching, consulting and business training for a variety of organizations including government agencies, educational institutions, private corporations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and health care environments. Rob has consulted with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. He has fifteen years of experience as a manager; ten years in academia, providing executive coach and organizational development consulting, and overseeing management, supervisory and leadership development for 15,000 faculty and staff. Rob has also served as Executive Director for two separate non-profit organizations.

Rob’s coaching clients include CEO’s, executives in public and private sectors, political appointees, entrepreneurs and senior to front-line managers. His consulting work emphasizes practical knowledge, reflective learning and specific actions that have application to real world situations. He incorporates structured initiatives with lots of interaction, humor and encouragement.  Recognizing the critical need for a daily tool to support succession planning and emerging leadership development, his new book is entitled “Stealth Coaching: Everyday Conversations for Extraordinary Results,” which provides real world and easily digestible strategies to efficiently introduce coaching in the workplace.  Rob is delighted to have recently lectured at a TED conference, where he spoke on The Opposite of Stress. 

An avid cyclist and former competitive athlete in soccer and lacrosse, Rob continues his love of athletics and the outdoors through sea kayaking, rafting, hiking and camping, as well as yoga and meditation.