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Custom – We Meet You™ 

How to Book

Already have a family ski trip planned, or a trip with a colleague, or just want to meet up and ski together?

Our Custom – We Meet You™  program is all about you and making development work on your schedule.

For leaders who prefer one on one coaching/advisory relationship or who would like to fit in one or two days together with one of our faculty, We Meet You™ is precisely that. We talk together about your interests and challenges and then customize one or more days together around your schedule. And this features the same, robust leadership program attention as our full-featured programs.

Customized Executive Coaching/Advisory

The heart of this program is the opportunity for the individual leader to spend concentrated time with your advisor. We prepare for you in advance with whatever assessments we both feel will be helpful for you, e.g., our Leadership On The Mountain 360™ multi-rater leadership skills and competencies assessment or other senior executive level competency assessments, personality assessments, etc. We also get to know you by having you provide some background information and we’ll have an initial coaching call to be clear about the challenges you face, the areas you’d like to concentrate on, and the best way to frame our time together. If it makes sense for us to conduct confidential interviews with your work colleagues to gain additional insight we’ll do those and summarize the results before we meet. We’ll get you your assessment data in advance along with some guidelines on initial interpretation so we can have fruitful discussion as soon as we get together.

Some examples include:

  • Skiing with family and have only one or two days to ski with us
  • Senior executive session -1:1
  • Senior executive and board chair, or CEO-COO pairings (these can be extremely powerful experiences to optimize alignment and mentoring)
  • Senior team meetings
  • Just want to get one more quick trip in this season (we understand)

We can add additional executive coaching sessions after the trip.

 Ski Trip with Colleagues/Teams – This program works best one-on-one or even with a pair of close colleagues where we can spend substantive time with the leader(s). Adding more people changes the dynamic and we want to be certain about getting you what you need while delivering value in our work.

Guys Trip / Gals Trip planned and would like to do something around professional effectiveness, influence, team/group development realm, or just want to plan an interesting day/evening around group dynamics? Call us and we’ll see how we can meet your needs.

Note about ski instruction with this program – Despite that your faculty member may be PSIA Alpine certified, we will not serve as ski instructors in our Custom – We Meet You™  program. That’s the role of the local ski school and we are not permitted to conduct commercial operations on the ski mountain. While we ski together we will talk about what it takes to ski well (and to lead well), and you’ll learn from us, not just on the chairlifts or at lunch. But we want to be clear that this program does not feature ski lessons delivered by us.

We Make It Simple

After discussion with you around what you want to accomplish, any types of assessments that might be helpful, and where and when we’ll meet, we’ll prepare a separate consulting agreement, billing you one price for all (or breaking out costs if you prefer).

But call soon; we stay fairly booked several months in advance.

How to Book